Corporate Governance

Corporate Advisor Assessment

As part of the relationship management for brokers and their corporate clients we provide assessment services for companies to evaluate their retained brokers. For companies this also provides an added level of corporate governance by regularly reviewing the services of their financial advisors.


Stewardship Reports

We provide a range of independent evaluation services for Corporate Boards, Corporate Brokers and Investment Managers. Core to our evaluation service is the use of the Stewardship Report which is based on carefully designed on-line questionnaires covering all aspects of external advisor services.  

Corporate board assessment

The Corporate Governance Code requires premium listed companies on the London Stock Exchange to independently assess the effectiveness of the management board. We provide a bespoke, but cost effect service that covers a wide range of issues that management boards need to deal with as part of being an effective board. Our services cover management boards of listed operating companies and investment companies and is fully compliant with the UK Corporate Governance Code.

Investment Manager evaluation

For investment trusts and investment companies we provide a dedicated assessment service for trustees and non-executive directors to evaluate the performance of investment managers. In line with corporate board evaluation, this service is designed to cover the requirements of the corporate governance code for listed companies.

Assessment and evaluation services

We provide advisory services on a range of corporate governance issues for UK companies, investment trusts and stock broking firms. Our assessment and evaluation services includes face-to-face interviews, bespoke on-line surveys, detailed assessment reports and corporate board presentations.