Investment Trusts

Corporate Governance for Investment Trusts

An adherence to good corporate governance is an essential part of the board’s role of all listed UK companies. For investment trusts the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) recognises that not all the provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code are relevant. The Association of Investment Companies (AIC) provides clear guidelines on how the Code should be interpreted for investment companies. These guidelines have been endorsed by the FRC.

Our focus on the investment trust sector means we are able to provide a complete solution for board assessment for investment trusts that addresses all the elements of assessment to comply with the Association of Investment Companies guidance on manager evaluation.

Board Assessment

Our board assessment service is based on an on-line platform that allows for a highly efficient assessment of the operation of the board. This includes:

Investment Manager Assessment

In addition to an assessment of the board, it is recommended that as part of the corporate governance process that the board should regularly review the performance and contractual arrangements with the investment manager.  Our on-line platform allows for a detailed analysis of various aspects of the investment manager including:

Assessment and action plans

All reports are provided in hard and soft copy and are presented to the board highlighting any recommended action points .