Relationship Management


Corporate client assessment services

We provide a dedicated relationship management service for a range of advisory companies who are looking to enhance the relationship with their corporate clients. This service is tailored to the needs of individual firms and is scalable to any size organisation.

Bespoke service

Our assessment service is fully bespoke utilising a combination of face-to-face interviews and on-line surveys. We work closely with advisors and their clients in order to provide an in-depth analysis of the relationship.

Independent analysis

Our service is fully independent with the sole aim of enhancing the relationship between advisors and their clients. We provide full assessment reports highlighting any areas in need of change along with action plans and timetables.

Specialist or full service

Given the bespoke nature of our assessment, client reviews can be varied to focus on single areas for specialist advisors to all elements of the client service for fully integrated investment banks.

Highly experienced

Our assessment service is carried out by highly experienced individuals who have worked for large institutions and specialist firms. We fully understand the needs and challenges of  corporate client relationships and we are committed to providing a flexible, efficient and valued-added service.